Chat with IRC Chat may be accessed using any IRC (Internet Relay Chat) software, independently of the web browser.
If you don't have IRC, you can download it for free from the web. I recommend mIRC. Click on the logo above to open a window with dowload locations.

Once the software is up and running:

You should get a window which looks something like the one pictured below. If you do not get this window, go to the File menu and select Options...

Please load pictures to see this image

Then click on the "Add" button which is pictured above. You should bring up a window which looks like this:

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Type the information into the fields exactly as it is pictured above.

In case you can not see the image, the fields are as follows:

Description: EuroNet Chat
IRC Server:
Port(s): 6667

There is no "Group" required, and "Password" is unnecessary unless your nickname is registered.

Click "OK" and the EuroNet Chat server should now appear in the list, as in the top diagram. Now fill in your details - name, e-mail address and Chat Nickname and click "Connect to IRC server".

You should get a window pop up which looks like this:

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Type "#eurosong" into the top line, then click the button to the right: "Add" to add it to the list. If you are using mIRC for the first time, there will probably be a whole load of channels already listed which you don't need - I recommend you go through these, deleting them to clear up the space so you only have #eurosong there, as pictured above.

Now all you have to do is to double-click #eurosong in the list every time you connect.

Once you have used mIRC, you may want to be able to send and receive files with other chatters. The default mIRC setup has some rather annoying options which you have to change in order to start doing this. For information on how to set your mIRC to enable file swapping, see my instruction page here. Chris Melville