Message Board FAQ

How do I post a new message?
If you wish to start a new message thread, simply click on the link at the top of the main board inviting you to do so. To reply to a message which someone has already posted, bring up their message in the right frame by clicking on its title on the left, and you will be given the opportunity to reply in a form beneath their message.

What does it mean when a message can not be clicked on?
It means that when it was posted, the author only had a short remark to make and typed it all in the Subject field, leaving the main message box blank. Therefore there is no message to read, hence no link.

What does [R] mean?
The [R] is a link which enables you to reply to a subject-only message. See above question.

Can I use HTML in a message?
Not at the moment.

Can I post a personal message?
Yes of course - even if it's nothing to do with Eurovision.

Can I post a political message?
Yes. However, please be moderate and have consideration for those with a differing viewpoint. Do not be unnecessarily inflammatory.

I have just launched a new Eurovision site, can I advertise it here?
Yes. Just with one message though!

Can I advertise items for sale/wanted?
Yes, as long as it's Eurovision material of interest to fans. This is not the place to sell your car/house/slaves.

Can I announce any other websites?
NO. I have had people posting messages advertising commercial websites before, or pyramid schemes. Any message of this sort will be deleted immediately.

I don't like a message which has been posted. Can you do anything about it?
If you have a problem with any message on the board, tell me about it. Either post a new message to me, or e-mail me at

Can I post an anonymous message?
If you mean "am I able to" then yes, it is possible to leave the "author" field blank when posting. However, it is only polite to let others know who you are! Please remember to include your name. Even if you do not publicly announce yourself it is still possible for me to see your details, so you may not remain 100% anonymous!

Can I withdraw a message after I have posted it?
Not at the moment...

If you have any more problems, don't hesitate to ask. Chris Melville